Sasabina Recreation & Industries Sdn Bhd is fully Bumiputra owned company manufacturing children playground equipment in Malaysia. Our products are manufactured through a high production tech system and we guarantee that our products are safe, durable, sophisticate and innovative complying with international and local standard

Formerly know as Salsabina Recreation Sdn Bhd, progressively we have grown up with the brand 'SASAREC' and now becoming as a most top children playground equipments manufacturer in Malaysia. Most playgrounds in our country are equipped with our product, from a small toddler’s playground to huge installations in fun parks, exhibition and garden shows, enhance our task and challenges. We believe that our policy will be to improve our product to be of high quality and safety design to meet the customers’ satisfaction

With the support of our experienced staff and excellent leadership, our mission “to inspire fun in children worlds by providing colourful environment, educational activity, up-to-date design, high quality and safety recreation product” will be achieved successfully



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